Available Animals

These animals are available for purchase. If you wish to buy, message (here or on social media) or call the shop to arrange payment

Available Snakes

Available Lizards

Terms of Service

Age Requirement: While this is no way discriminatory against younger reptile keepers, no animal shall be sold to anyone under 18 years of age without parental consent. This means we would need to speak to a legal guardian, see a state or federal issued ID, or have written permission emailed to us.

State & Federal Laws: We will not knowingly ship any animals in violation of state and/or federal laws. We should appreciate it if anyone wanting to purchase an animal would look into their local and state laws before purchasing.

General Sales: We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone that we feel is not fit to care and/or maintain any animals we sell

General Terms: Any and all customers are expected to have a basic knowledge of what they are purchasing. We shall not be held responsible for any mistakes or accidents brought on by the customer. If you have any questions about any of the animals we have available for sale, we are always happy to help and give any and all information that is needed.


Shipping Guidelines

Temperature Guidelines: Live arrivals can only be guaranteed when the temperatures are between 40℉ (overnight low) and 80℉ (daytime high). There has to be two days in a row within these temperature restrictions to ship.

Guaranteed Live Arrival: Although we do prefer to ship Monday-Wednesday, we try to be as flexible as possible with shipping dates. You must contact us through email or social media within an hour of delivery for guarantee to be valid. We are not responsible for carrier delays. If your animal arrives DOA, we will refund the cost of the animal and the shipping. However note we must receive three (3) photos of deceased animal within one hour of delivery for this to be valid. An adult must be home to receive the animal on the first delivery attempt.

Please note that the live animal guarantee will be void if provided with incorrect shipping information. Please provide us with correct and complete shipping information and a time you will be able to accept the package.


Heath Guarantee: All animals purchased from us are guaranteed healthy and always represented honestly to the best of our abilities. Please inspect your animal before buying in store or when opening your shipping box. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we must be notified within the first 24 hours. Once the animal is in the customer’s hands, we cannot control what the customer does or the new environment that the animal is in. No refunds or exchanges will be given if the animal is mishandled, mistreated, abused, and/or not cared for correctly. All of our animals are guaranteed eating in our care but due to the change of environment and added stress, we cannot guarantee the animal purchased will continue to eat on the same schedule that it was for us. When an animal does not eat, it is not a valid reason for replacement or credit to be given. We are always available for help or advice on getting an animal to eat. We want you to have success with any animals purchased and will always give you attention to getting the animal settled in your care.

Gecko Tails: Geckos drop their tails, often for no reason. Because of this, we cannot be held responsible for tails dropped during shipping or while under our care. No refunds will be given for dropped tails